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Age Recommendations / Minimum Age

At our cinemas YOU get to decide what films are suitable for your kids!
In regard to admission, Zuger Cinemas have the following guidelines:
  • The minimum age for a cinema visit in Zug is 3 years.
  • There are minimum age guidelines/recommendations available for cinema visits.
  • "Ab 16 Jahren/No one under 16": if under 14 years, admission only with an adult chaperon.
We reserve the right to be more restrictive with our admission policy in extreme cases.

What is a Minimum Age Recommendation?

When deciding on an appropriate minimum age, we mainly consider two aspects:
I) In principle, the 'age of consent' takes priority—particularly in regard to age recommendations for younger viewers. It is paramount that cinema guests who are of the minimum age (or above) will not be harmed by what they are watching.
II) If the content of a film is demanding, it must be clearly labelled as such. Frequently, the 'Schweizerischen Kommission Jugendschutz im Film' (Swiss Commission for Youth Protection in Film) will set the recommended minimum age at 6 for films that might not necessarily be harmful for young viewers, but too demanding in terms of content. For this reason, we will not recommend certain films for 6-year-olds (e.g. a multi-lingual documentary about Pope Francis, a Thai road movie in its original language or a dialogue-heavy movie about adult relationship issues). It is doubtful that even a 14-year-old will care much for marriage problems—but we will nevertheless refrain from making specialised recommendations (e.g. for 'people over 25', 'for senior citizens' or 'for married couples').

In a nutshell:
  • Age recommendation: 3+
    A film specially for pre-school children.
  • Age recommendation: 6+
    Films for children/families
  • Age recommendation: 9+
    E.g. a documentary that requires a bit of attention
  • Age recommendation: 12+
    Films for kids in secondary education (or possibly older primary school kids). These films might contain quite a few action scenes, even violence (although it will be less realistic and clearly in relation to fantasy characters), e.g. superhero movies, comic book adaptations, science fiction.
  • Age recommendation: 14+
    More mature themes with realistic (but not overly explicit or gratuitous) violence.
  • Age recommendation: 16+
    Mature content with a (possibly) high degree of realistic violence, e.g. horror films, psycho-thrillers.