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Language Versions / 3D

An overview of the film versions advertised in the programme

Language Versions

The cinema programme includes the language version of each screening. Upper-case letters denote the dialogue language, while lower-case letters indicate the language of the available subtitles. The following is a list of the most common language versions:

  • Edf: English language with German and French subtitles (original version).
  • Ed: English language with German subtitles (original version).
  • Fd: French language with German subtitles (original version).
  • D: German language (German dubbing or original version).
  • OVdf: Original version with German and French subtitles. In this example, 'original version' denotes one or more foreign languages.
  • CHD: Swiss German dialect (mostly original versions, occasionally a dubbed children's film).
  • CHDf: Swiss German dialect with French subtitles (original version).
  • oD: Without dialogue (e.g. silent films, music-only films, ballet broadcasts).
  • Other frequently used language abbreviations: SP (Spanish), I (Italian), JAP (Japanese), RUSS (Russian), etc.

3D Cinema

Enjoy the three-dimensional film experience in Zug (Seehof 1 & 2) and in Baar (Lux). The required realD 3D glasses are custom-made from a light synthetic material. They will fit viewers of all ages and can be worn comfortably over regular glasses.

Viewers can pick up their glasses for CHF 3.00 at the box office before the first 3D screening. The glasses can be re-used for any realD 3D screening. They can be folded like regular glasses and will fit in almost any bag or pocket.

For 3D screenings we charge an additional CHF 2.00 on top of the regular ticket price.

These particular screenings are marked icon 3D in the cinema programme. The following is a list of all 3D films in our current programme:

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