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U25: More Variety at the Cinema

Under 25? Catch select screenings for only CHF 10.-!
The following U25 shows can be found in our current programme:
Wed 21.10.19:30DARK WATERS EdfGotthard
Thu 22.10.17:45I AM GRETA OVdfSeehof 2
Thu 22.10.19:30DARK WATERS EdfGotthard
Fri 23.10.15:00I AM GRETA OVdfSeehof 2
Fri 23.10.20:15DARK WATERS EdfGotthard
Sat 24.10.14:30DARK WATERS EdfGotthard
Sat 24.10.17:30DER AST, AUF DEM ICH SITZE OVdeSeehof 2
Sat 24.10.20:15DARK WATERS EdfGotthard
Sun 25.10.17:30DER AST, AUF DEM ICH SITZE OVdeSeehof 1
Sun 25.10.20:15DER AST, AUF DEM ICH SITZE OVdeSeehof 1
Sun 25.10.20:15DARK WATERS EdfGotthard
Mon 26.10.17:45I AM GRETA OVdfSeehof 2
Mon 26.10.20:15DER AST, AUF DEM ICH SITZE OVdeSeehof 1
Tue 27.10.15:00I AM GRETA OVdfSeehof 2
Tue 27.10.19:30DARK WATERS EdfGotthard
Tue 27.10.20:15DER AST, AUF DEM ICH SITZE OVdeSeehof 1
Wed 28.10.19:30DARK WATERS EdfGotthard
Wed 28.10.20:15DER AST, AUF DEM ICH SITZE OVdeSeehof 1
Sat 31.10.17:00ZÜRCHER TAGEBUCH OVdSeehof 1
Mon 02.11.20:15LOS SONÁMBULOS SPdfGotthard
Young adults under 25 years of age only pay CHF 10.- for select screenings. Watch for films designated with icon U25 in the programme.

  • U25 = you are not yet 25 years old (please bring ID).
  • U25 tickets are non-transferable, of course.
  • U25 tickets can only be bought at the box office and are not available online.
  • Reduced price screenings are selected by Kino Hürlimann AG.
  • For 3D movies, the usual surcharge of CHF 2.00 applies.
  • This offer is not valid for the Deluxe and Balcony categories.

Beyond Mainstream Cinema
Young audiences often focus on a very narrow range of films, despite the ever-growing number of movies to choose from. Due to a lack of financial resources and time, adolescents tend to favour 'tried and tested' entertainment, i.e. widely advertised event movies (particularly sequels). For this reason, many low-profile cinematic gems will generally not last long on the big screen—even connoisseurs of cinema frequently miss out on important movies. With our U25 offer, we would like to encourage young people to watch movies that might not normally be on their radar and expand their aesthetic horizons beyond blockbuster cinema. The selection generally covers current (but possibly overlooked) releases that are of interest to young audiences.

As a cinema business, we depend on today's youth to also discover movies that are based on real life, not just fantasy. Who else will watch the growing number of independent films in the future? Stories about French students or Latin American gangs can be as exciting and entertaining as the latest superhero films—but unless you have been introduced to such cinematic treats, you would probably not seek them out in the first place.

Original Language Versions
Going against the current industry trend once again, we aim to show films in their original language rather than in the dubbed version. Considering the prevalence of text messaging and tweeting in our society, we do not buy into the argument that reading subtitles is too arduous for today's youth. It is understandable that someone who has never seen a foreign language film before might not immediately see the benefit of reading subtitles; but we do believe that once you have seen two or three films in their original language, you will get used to reading subtitles relatively quickly.

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Kino Hürlimann AG operates the four cinema theatres in Zug. We have been enriching Zug's cultural life with cinematic highlights since 1923.

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